Why I Chose Web Development

I always had a love for games and computers as a child. So when I was introduced to the internet, I just had to know had everything was put together. I needed to know how a button or link that I clicked on directed me to another page. Or how the page was styled so beautifully and elegant. I wanted to learn everything I could about how to do these things.

I went to school for Systems Administration at ITT Tech to learn everything I could about how computers and networks were run. While in school I did learn alot about operating systems and system configurations. I basically learned the essentials of the IT field. How a computer runs and how software interacts with the hardware to give the user a better experience. I also learned the basics of C# programming language. The projects that we built in class included web browsers and a calculator. To me that was cool and all but I felt like I needed more.

While in school I remember everyone wanting to have the MySpace page customized.  So I took upon myself to learn HTML. One I learned a little HTML I was off and running. I was charging people to customize aka personalize their MySpace pages. It was my second taste of web development. This time it felt more fun than my initial intro into web development.


As we all know life gets in the way sometimes, or as I call it life’s chllenges. So after years of working strictly on computers and operating systems I wanted to get back into programming. I ran across this site called freecodecamp.com. It was a pretty cut to the chase site on learning web development. I started to get back getting familiar with the things that I learned in this past. While lerning on freecodecamp.com I also stumbled upon a few more webistes: Udemy.com, Lynda.com and Codeacademy.com. These websites provides all the information I needed to help me get back in the game. My decision to become to take coding serious came when I saw the abundance of web apps out on the internet. Right then and there I knew that all the ideas that I had in my head could be brought to life with code.





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